Trust Your Parenting First, Then Trust Your Kids




How much should we trust our kids?

When should we trust them to walk to the park by themselves? To remember their own library books? To get their homework turned in on time? To drive their friends around in the car?

I saw this sign on Facebook this week, and although I love it and think it fits in perfectly with my own parenting style, other parents thought it was terrible.


Mater Dei School


This week we’re talking with Kristen Oliver, a pediatric occupational therapist. She talks to us about trusting our kids, but also having trust in ourselves as parents. An interesting twist on a familiar subject.


If you have trouble trusting your kids to bring in their homework on time, it’s understandable that trusting them with money is a very scary idea. Barbara Corcoran gives her tips for raising successful kids by allowing them to trust their instincts. Barbara, one of the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank, suggests that one of the best ways for kids to learn is to allow them to fail and pick themselves back up. We’ll discuss this as well.

Where is one area where you could trust your kids more? We’d love to hear about it! By writing it down, you’re making the first step towards making it real. Please comment below!

Resources from this week’s podcast:

Kristen Oliver

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