Top 12 Money Mistakes Parents Make: Chores

Here’s a question that comes up a lot: Should we pay our kids for doing chores?

We also get these: Should we ONLY pay our kids for doing chores? Should we NEVER pay for chores?

Clearly, this is a hot button issue, and unfortunately, it’s holding a lot of parents back from getting started in teaching their kids about money. The answer is really easy, and should make intuitive sense to most parents.

Pay for jobs, or pay for chores?

When adults have a job, we work to get paid. When we have chores to do, we don’t get paid. It’s not that chores are less important — they just don’t result in a paycheck. In fact, this is a good working definition of the difference between “a job” and “chores.”

The good news is, you can incorporate this into how you pay an allowance. Watch the video for the full details!

Some days it’s a chore just to get my hair to behave properly – Tracie helps out on that in this video.

She didn’t get paid for that one.

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