Are You Guilty of Participating in the Toddler Wage Gap?

Boy in tree

There’s no denying that boys and girls are different. From the way they learn to how they play, they just process the world in unique ways. If I had my doubts, they disappeared the day I left my two preschool boys alone for a moment to take a phone call.

In the amount of time it took me to talk to my mom about what we were having for dinner, they managed to open a pot belly stove that hadn’t been used in 20 years, each find an old piece of wood that had reduced to charcoal, and draw a black line around the entire upstairs that was six inches thick. Doors, windows, dressers, walls and even bedspreads all fell victim to the sooty remains of the sad stumps of wood.

Truth be told, the line wasn’t really six inches thick. It was actually two lines that corresponded exactly with the height of their hands when dragging along the wall behind their back. They must have circled the entire upstairs about 10 times each. By the time I figured out that it had gotten way too quiet upstairs, they were trying to flush the evidence down the toilet.

“What IS THAT?” I exclaimed as I snuck up behind them and saw black logs swirling above the toilet’s hole.

“WOOD!!!!” Was the absolutely delighted response from two little guys who had just discovered another magical quality of their favorite building material.

Today’s guest, Janet Allison from validated what I already knew about boys and discusses some of the more important ways we need to recognize and understand their differences to make sure that we’re helping our kids live their best lives. Understanding the differences also helps us all to feel a bit more sane. (Well, it makes me feel less dumb from trusting them alone as preschoolers, anyway!)

We also talk about how this relates to kids and chores. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, recently appeared at the World Economic Forum and claimed that we have a toddler wage gap going on. While this was one of the crazier things I’ve ever heard, maybe it’s true in your house. The Today Show makes a similar claim, saying that we talk about money more with boys than girls. Is that true for you?

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