Hard Times Teach True Thankfulness

Teaching Kids About Money Teaches Them to Be Truly Thankful.

HiddenBenefitThere is a hidden benefit to teaching kids about money: they become more thankful for everything they have in life.

As parents, it’s your duty to provide for your kids everything they need to survive.  You aren’t under any obligation to make their life easy, or luxurious.  How many teens are aware of how much time, effort, and money you’re contributing to their future success?

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to reflect on the gifts – the blessings – that we share.  We are a blessed people: most of us have never experienced true hunger, have feared that we would not make it through to the spring.  Our ancestors here in America were not so lucky.  We celebrate their bounty at the first Thanksgiving, but in the years that followed, they had some very, very hard times:

Most of us are familiar with the story of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. We are far less familiar with the period the Pilgrims called the “starving time.” Following the Thanksgiving celebration that we are familiar with, the Pilgrims continued to struggle with provisions. The general food rations continued to decline through the winter of 1622. The Pilgrims put much of their hope in the fall harvest of corn but it was a dismal failure.

In late 1622 a ship bound for England held the various items that the Pilgrims desperately needed and the captain of the ship cheated them terribly. However, this ship provided them the items they would need to trade with the Indians for food. Even with the additional food from the Indians, the food shortage was still severe. Rations continued to be decreased due to the extreme shortage of food.

At one point during 1623, rations were a few grains of corn each day. The Pilgrims were surviving on just five kernels of corn a day. As Spring came and the planting time for the corn crop, a boat was fitted with some fishing gear to catch fish for the colony. There was some success with fish and clams. The Pilgrims planted corn and hoped for a bountiful harvest.

Sadly, a severe drought struck the area and soon withered the corn crop. The Pilgrims held a prayer service to ask God for rain. The prayers were answered the next day in gentle showers that occurred off and on for two weeks. The corn revived and the crop spared. Later that same month another ship of colonists arrived with people and provisions. The harvest of 1623 was the best yet in Plymouth and gave hope that they would never face starvation again.  (yahoo.com)

We all move through stages in life.  Sometimes we’re giving thanks for our bounty.  Sometimes, we’re rationing – preparing for the worst to come.  And sometimes, we’re celebrating that the worst is behind us.

Celebrate these seasons with your children.  Share with them the knowledge of which season you’re in… and share with them the knowledge of the season to come.

And above all, give thanks – that they may gain wisdom in studying your actions, your experiences, and your advice in guiding their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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