Teaching Big Kids About Money

Do you have a kid who seems to really “get” how money works? Maybe he has money in the bank, automatically saves anything he receives as a gift, and knows that if he wants something extra he’ll have to spend his own money. Think you’ve got it all figured out? This is the place for you to start really teaching teens about money.

Maybe your teen just got his own part time job and decided the perfect way to spend his new found riches is to treat his friends to coffee drinks and expensive gifts while he buys you gum for your birthday. This is also the perfect place for you to start teaching teens about money.

Blog Articles for Parents of Big Kids

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Too Hard to Teach Kids About Money? Give Up!

Think Your Kid Understands Money? Think Again! (podcast with show notes)

Video for Parents of Big Kids

Teaching Teens About Money


Step-by-Step Programs

For parents and kids who want a strong start to financial literacy, we recommend our self-study 15/15/15 program.

Allowance Quickstart is an online program offered several times a year. Notify Me When Allowance Quickstart Begins

Looking for some one-on-one help? Teen Money Bootcamp is an intensive coaching program to move you and your teen from raiding the piggy bank to managing an full budget and thinking about retirement. The course is six-months long and, due to it’s one-on-one nature, has limited enrollment. Please let us know if you’d like to be added to the waiting list.  Add me to Waiting List for Teen Money Bootcamp