Teaching Medium Kids About Money

If you have kids who have been saving money in piggy banks or Share, Save, Spend jars and are ready to move on to the next step, this is where you’re going to start. Age doesn’t matter as much as experience.

Blog Articles for Parents of Medium Kids

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Video for Parents of  Medium Kids

Teaching Kids About Money

Step-by-Step Programs

For parents and kids who want a strong start to financial literacy, we recommend our self-study 15/15/15 program.

Allowance Quickstart is an online program offered several times a year. Notify Me When Allowance Quickstart Begins

If you prefer a comprehensive, step-by-step method, start with our short book, “Investing in Your 401k Kid: From Zero to Little Financial Genius in Five Easy Steps.” It’s available in a printed or e-book version.


Setting Up the Perfect Allowance for Your Kid

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