What Are You Unintentionally Teaching Your Kids About Money?

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What do your actions teach your kids?

A friend of mine once told me about a horrifying event at her son’s preschool. When introducing parents to the class, the teacher asked him to say something about his dad.

“He picks his nose at red lights!” her little boy proudly exclaimed.

Yep. That happened.

So we know that kids watch our every move and there are certain things we learn not to do in front of them. Burp, swear, you know the drill.

What do your actions teach your kids about money?

But are you as careful with your daily habits? Daily coffee take out? Bringing home another pair of boots because they were such a good deal? Buying an even bigger TV because it’s too hard to see the ref’s gestures in the one you have now?

On today’s episode, Matt Becker, from MomandDadMoney.com talks about the impression about money he got from his dad and how it affected him in the long term.

We also discuss parenting checklists, vision boarding and getting kids ready for college.

Ever lament that your teens are “wasting” too much of the money they earn? Bret put together a fun visual guide to show them what their latte money could be doing for them instead. Or maybe it will help you…

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