How to Teach Kids to be Entrepreneurs


Newspaper routes.

It used to be when people thought about young kids and their first jobs, an image of a small boy on a bike flinging newspapers is what would come to mind. All of the cool characters I read about in elementary school had a newspaper route! The boys learned to manage money, interact with customers and be responsible to their first boss.

Keep in mind, this was their first job and they were usually about 12.

Today, idyllic paper routes have largely disappeared, creating a first job vacuum for the under 16-set.

Not to be deterred, many young entrepreneurs have come up with their own opportunities. Car detailing, video editing, flipping houses….

That’s right.

Today we’re going to hear about a mom who out of necessity, began teaching her very young children how a skill set that provides them with a hefty work ethic and nice paycheck at the end of each project. If you’re a parent who finds a sitter when you need to repaint the bedroom, you do not want to miss this interview!

I’ll be the first to admit that there are jobs much easier done without the kids, but maybe we need to rethink what our kids are capable of learning and at what age. Turns out, even the youngest kids can be a big help and we all know those are the kids most willing to give us a hand.

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