Be Consistent! Schedule Allowance Meetings Today!

School Days image 1200x698School days, school days 
Dear old Golden Rule days
‘Reading and ‘writing and ‘arithmetic
Taught to the tune of a hick’ry stick…

My mom delighted in singing that song to us on the first day of school. Top of her lungs, completely out of key.


We’d bury our heads under the covers and pretend it wasn’t true.

She did it every year. About some things, she was extremely consistent.

Regardless of whether your kids love or hate school, there is a feeling of freshness to fall. New pencils, clean notebooks and markers that aren’t dried out.

I’m partial to a fresh stack of Post-it Notes myself.

As your calendar fills with the activities, open houses and meetings that come with the new school year, don’t forget to add allowance meetings to your calendar.

Depending on your situation, this might mean a weekly meeting (good for younger kids or those new to the idea of allowance) or one held once a month where you can go into your teenagers budget one on one with them without interruption.

Whatever allowance looks like for your family, if you want it to be a useful teaching tool, you have to be consistent.

So go put it on your calendar.

Right now.

If you need ideas on how to get started with an allowance, here are some resources to help:

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  • Clever Dude

    Having allowance meetings to help younger kids with their budget skills is a great idea. My sixteen year old and I had an Impromptu one recently when he said he ran out of cash 3 days before his next payday. A little better money management is necessary on his part….or willingness to deal with the consequences.

    • So now it’s a week later – what happened in the end?

      • Clever Dude

        Seems like he’s paying more attention……he got paid last Friday, and here we are a week later and he’s put gas in the car, and spent about $20 for online gaming resources. Thanks for the question, Bret….it reminds me I should acknowledge to him that I’ve noticed he’s been watching his spending!