Teaching Through Money Games: Time to Thrive!

We try Thrivetimeto teach our kids about money, but we can’t spend all of our time being serious about it – there are some great money games that can help teach money lessons.  The most recent adventure into money games was with Thrive Time for Teens.  We purchased the game last month after seeing some good reviews online.

In Thrive Time, players start with a part-time job and some minimal living expense. Each turn, players draw a card which can result in an opportunity (a Thrive card) or a potential problem (a Dive card.)  With a little luck, and some good decisions along the way, players increase their income and savings, and more importantly, their Thrive Score. The first player to a Thrive Score of 15 wins!

Along the way, players will have to decide:

  • Is it the right time to buy a car?
  • How will I pay for college?
  • Should I start a part time business?
  • Should I pay for those concert tickets with cash or use my credit card?
  • How will I give back to my community?

We’ve played through this game a handful of times now, each time lasting about 30 minutes – so it’s a fast-paced game. There are some math skills needed to play, and the game teaches the players how to fill in an income/expense statement. Our daughter isn’t particularly strong in math, but she was able to quickly grasp the concepts and complete her own score sheet.

We found that the game ended faster than we would have liked. After the second game, we adopted a new rule: when you get to Thrive score 15, restart at zero. First player to reach 15 twice wins. While this definitely increased the fun factor, it still left the kids wanting to play again after I hit 15 the second time. I don’t know if they just wanted to beat me, or if they were having that much fun – either way, I’d call it a win because we’ve found a money game that they all found fun to play.

Bottom line: looking for a fun money game? Try Thrive Time! The game still has replayability after several times through, and we’re seeing all of the kids learn some great financial lessons as they play.

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