Disney Magic Bands Equal Budget Brilliance

When I first heard about the beta test going on at Walt Disney World while we were there with Disney’s new Magic Bands, I thought they sounded fantastic.   One waterproof bracelet that granted access to our room, the parks, fast pass lines and allowed charging privileges.

It wasn’t until our first evening I realized how dangerous it could all be.magicbands

“How did you pay for your refillable mugs?” I asked my oldest son.

“I just used my Magic Band.  These bands are so cool!”

Since I had been under the impression that the bands only allowed adults to use them to charge to the room, I became a little concerned.  But then, in the busy-ness of unpacking, I forgot about it until the end of the week.  When the bill came from the front desk.  Since our kids normally manage their own money, it didn’t occur to me that I hadn’t actually seen any cash all week.

There, slipped under our door and laid out in black in white, were all of our charges for the week.  Next to each item was listed the person’s name who made the charge.  I’ve never seen such a perfect breakdown in my life.  As I was mentioning this to my husband, a kid grabbed the list and began breaking down the charges.  Within minutes we knew exactly what each person had charged and the week’s expenses were paid.

Not having to remember tickets, room keys and fast passes is great.  But having kids who understand money is priceless.


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