This Year, Make the Kids Your Travel Planners

Ever spend thousands of dollars on your family’s dream vacation just to get an eye roll from your teenager the very first day?

Makes your blood boil, doesn’t it?

And when your husband so helpfully says, “Hey don’t let it get to you! We’re onĀ Va-ca-tion!” does it make you even crazier?

Me too.

Our family travels – a lot. I mean we aren’t all million mile members on Delta or anything, but we do tend to be off looking at balls of twine more than most people I know.

Yep, it’s a thing. And yes I have a photo! Let me just dig that out…

Ball of Twine Far


WAIT!!! It’s your lucky day! I have TWO!!!

Ball of Twine Close


Over the years, we’ve I’ve learned quite a bit about what makes a trip successful. I’ve even taught Bret!

So today, we don’t have a guest – it’s just the two of us giving you the very best tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. AND – we also are giving it to you in a neat and tidy downloadable guide. So make sure you check that out right below the audio player!


If you have any questions on planning your own family trips, we’d love to hear them! Post them in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to our brand new iTunes feed!

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