Starting Kids on a Budget – Budget Billfold

We get a lot of questions from people about how we organized the money when we first put the kids on a budget.Budget-Billfold

Initially, we used the extra envelopes that came in our utility bills even though we’re set up for autopay.  We would write the category and amount on the envelope and the kids kept them together with a rubber band.  That worked for the first few weeks, but then the envelopes for the categories that got used most got shabby and started to rip.

I’d long used colorful plastic organizers for coupons and realized they’d be perfect for the kids budgets as well.  There were plenty of dividers, they were durable and they came in fun colors.  It took a few tries to get a size that worked well for cash, both because bills are longer than coupons but also because we started out paying the kids in mostly small denominations and I needed a very easily expandable organizer.

Seven years later (I cannot believe it’s been that long), the organizers are still going strong despite the fact that most cash is now distributed via EEBA cards.  To make sure that finding the organizer isn’t a stumbling block on the road to getting you started with your kids on a budget, we now offer those same organizers here on our site.  I hope you like them!

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