Mother’s Day – Rescued by kids’ financial responsibility

Fathers, admit it:  you’ve been here before.  It’s two days to Mother’s Day, and you’re at a crossroads:


“It should really be the kids getting her gifts — after all, she’s not my mother!”

“I don’t know when I could be getting MothMother'sDayer’s Day gifts – I have a full-time job, you know!”

“Maybe the kids could just make an art project tomorrow and call it good.”

Trust me on this one, you will not win on any of these approaches.  Instead, you’ve got to seize the bull by the horns, and take those kids shopping.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m a genius – this really just fell into my lap this year – but I think I’ve discovered the secret:

The kids can go out and buy gifts for Mom.  On their own.  With their own money.

The kids will love it.  Mom will love it.  You can relax.  Where’s the downside?

Listen carefully:  There is no downside.  This why you want to give your kids an allowance, a bank account, and a prepaid Visa card.  It’s all about their financial responsibility and freedom and peace of mind — for you!

Here’s how it all played out with my kids this year:

Three weeks before Mother’s Day:  Kid #1 put in an order on for something Mom wanted.  Took care of it himself.  Told me about it after the fact.

Two weeks before Mother’s Day, Kid #2 put in an order for something for Mom (site I can’t name… Mom is probably reading) on some stuff she’s really going to love!

Four days before Mother’s Day, Kid #3 asks, “Dad, can we go to XXXX so I can buy Mom’s present?  I’ve got the money saved up on my Buxx card.”  I say, 10-4 Good Buddy!  This is the easiest Mother’s Day ever!

The power of financial responsibility

Because we gave the power of the purse to our kids.  They manage their budgets – and more importantly, they have debit cards to pay for it.  Give kids some freedom – and give them some tools – and they will make your life easier!  What could be better?  It’s not difficult to accomplish this.  In fact, it can be nearly automatic: get your kids a prepaid debit card, set up an automatic monthly allowance, and then monitor the results.

You’ll be surprised what your kids can accomplish.  It’s so much better than making excuses.

How are you helping your kids celebrate Mother’s Day this year?  I’d love to hear all about it – comment below!



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