A Book That Teaches Parents How to Make Their Kids Financially Literate

Investing in Your 401k Kid book coverIt has come to our attention that the way we have raised our kids to understand money is a bit unusual. After the financial crash of 2008, we realized that there were way too many people who had grown up without a basic understanding of how money and basic finance work.  We decided our kids would be different.  We set out to create a plan that would gradually train our kids in one of the most important life skills there is: how to manage money.

So, at the ages of 7 & 8, we put the kids on a full-blown, self- managed budget.  As shocking as this seems to people at first, after we explain the premise, they not only understand what we’re doing, but we have been told more than once that we should write a book about teaching kids money management.

Books are daunting.  And expensive to write.  And they take a lot of time.  Instead, we turned our mental notes about what worked and didn’t into an e-book, Investing in Your 401(k) Kid.  That alone has taken us more time than we’d like to admit.  To make sure the book is as useful to you as possible, we’ve made sure to include worksheets and thinking points to make what you read practical to your situation.

We hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, we hope Investing in Your 401(k) Kid can do its part to educate kids of the future so they don’t make the same mistakes so many of us have made in the past.


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