What Are the Most Important Money Messages You Send?

Be Careful… They’re Watching!!!

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“Don’t worry, Mom – you can just go down to the store and use your money card.”

Ouch! Is that what she’s learning? Does she really think that everything we need comes from a magic card I carry around in my wallet?

As parents, we often think that we’re in charge – that we’re giving our kids important life lessons, at the right times. But the truth is, they’re learning their own lessons. They’re watching what we’re doing. Everything we’re doing.

And they’re listening to what we’re saying when we’re not talking to them, too. Having a conversation with your spouse about the bills? They’re listening. Get a phone call about an overdue bill? They hear that. Agonizing over a purchase because money is tight this month? They notice that too.

The point is not that we have to be more careful about what we accidentally reveal, but to be more purposeful in how we talk about money with our kids. This week on the podcast, we talk with Latoya Scott, of LifeAndABudget.com.

Stories from a mother who has Been There

Latoya has some great ideas on how to be mindful in our conversations with our kids on money.  Take charge!  Let your kids know that money comes from work – and it’s great to have goals for your money.  Latoya’s daughter may be just six years old, but she’s got her sights set on an iPad – and she’s working and saving to buy one of her very own one day.  You may be surprised at what she’s doing to accomplish her goal – and how her parents are guiding through the process.

Latoya has some amazing advice to give in her interview, including the gem which might as well be our motto here at Allowance Academy: “If you can be responsible with your money then you have opened yourself up to achieve a whole lot more in life.”

Remember, though, that your kids are watching. And they’re listening. Are you doing everything you can to make sure that they are seeing and hearing the things that are going to help them later in life?

Resources from This Week’s Show

First, Latoya’s amazing story of what brought her to bankruptcy – how she fought against it, and what ultimately led her to make such a life-changing decision. Financial Lessons That Lead to Bankruptcy from LifeandaBudget.com

Latoya’s The Ultimate Online Financial Resource for Teaching Kids About Money

From Mac Thomson’s blog, MoneyReadyKids.com – a story of entrepreneurship, burritos, and the power of a picture: Brorritos – Entrepreneurship 101

And finally, more resources from Allowance Academy: Other ideas for money charts for kids

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