The Fun Things Budgeting Can Do

Last summer, our family was lucky enough to be able to take a an amazing family road trip throughout the American West.  We’re lucky because we both have jobs that allow us to travel and enjoy life at the same time.AllYou

The reality is, however, planning for the trip took a lot of sacrifice in other areas of our lives.  Even when trying to keep costs down by camping in a small trailer and cooking our own meals, the trip was not cheap.  The only way we were able to pull it off was by using the principles we teach on our 401k Kid site.

Not only have we had our kids on a full blown budget since they were 7 years old, we are on a budget ourselves.  By having the kids’ salaries (allowances) as a fixed line item in our own budget, we know each month how much we will spend on them and can plan accordingly.

We thought the trip was a lot of fun and apparently so did a few other people.  This month (August) All You Magazine featured our family the trip we took in its “I Made it Happen” section.  You can find it on newsstands at Walmart and Sam’s Club now.

If you’d like to find out more about our trip, we have a completely separate blog about it here. Now that the trip is over, we use the blog to discuss the ups and downs of family travel.

Since the story came out, several people have asked me how we were able to take six weeks off from our jobs.  No, we’re not teachers!  The truth is, I didn’t really take time off.  I am an AssistU trained Virtual Assistant (not to be confused with overseas VAs who make almost no money) and have my own VA practice.  I have clients across the country for whom I do marketing, social media, business management and administrative tasks.  The beauty is that I can work wherever I have a good internet connection.  Bret is an actuary whose company allows employees to take a sabbatical once a year for up to six weeks.

If you’re interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant, you’ll want to be sure to check out a really great offer AssistU has going on right now (for 2 more days!).

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