Cost-Saving Tip: Christmas Travel Gifts

ChristmasTree“Cost-Saving” and “Christmas” don’t usually appear together, but we’ve discovered that Christmas can be a good opportunity to exercise some smart planning when looking at big vacation plans.  How?  Well, just think about some of the stuff you’re planning on buying for your trip.  Instead of buying it later for the trip, buy travel gifts now, and disguise the purchases as Christmas presents!

Case in point: kids are going to need some personal entertainment and productivity gear: cameras, video, editing software, portable DVD players and such.  They’re also going to need some practical items, like hiking shoes, rain gear, and hydration equipment.  Instead of spending a ton of money on toys, books, and games this Christmas, we’re getting them vast quantities of gear – which we were planning on buying for the trip regardless – instead.

I know, I know, I complained last month that all of Clark’s presents were going on my Christmas list – but I don’t mind.  I got some great swag for my birthday (turned 40 last week!) and instead of a bunch of oddball what-do-you-give-a-40-year-old-for-his-birthday gifts, I got a ton of stuff for the trailer.  Stuff I know I’m going to be using.

The trick with the kids, of course, is going to be selling the “fun” in getting travel-focused gifts at Christmas.  I think we’ve got that covered.  I’ll share more after Christmas, just in case they’re reading this already.

Merry Christmas!

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