Chore Magnets – A Creative Chore Chart

ACreativeChoreChartWe’re big fans of having kids do chores just as a way to “pull their own weight” around the house – but we’re also fans of having extra chores available to earn some spending money, or some other privileges.  Chore Magnets are a great way to get your kids motivated into taking on some bonus jobs around the house.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a list of jobs you’d like done around the house.  Some of these don’t even need to be “jobs” – you could give a bonus for reading a book, taking the dog for a walk, or writing a letter to Grandma!
  2. Print off the list, in little tiny text, small enough to put on your glass gem magnets  (or buy some magnets, like the etsy link here.)
  3. Put the magnets up on the fridge, and wait for the kids to claim them for their own
  4. Pay off when the job is completed!

Making it work smoothly

  • Have the kids check on each other – if Kid A does the floors in the kitchen, have Kid B check to make sure the job was done correctly.  It’s a real energy drain to have to check that every job was done correctly, and kids can sometimes be thorough little checkers of each others’ work.
  • Instead of money, offer “screen time” as a reward.  Give 10, 20, or 30 minutes of TV, game, or computer time instead of 50 cents or a dollar.
  • Pick chores that are “extra” jobs.  In our house, anything that involves cleaning up after yourself is NOT extra.  Cleaning your room, your clothes, the kids’ bathroom, dishes… these are all part of living in a household.  Extra jobs can be wiping down walls, or pulling weeds, organizing the laundry room closet – stuff that nobody naturally “owns” as a job.
  • By all means, try to come up with some non-job chores.  Running around the block, or calling Grandma, or doing a sudoku are all great activities for kids, that can be rewarded for fun every now and again.

Have you ever made up chore charts, or are you using chore magnets?  What are some of the more interesting things on your list?

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