15/15/15 Self Study Course Details

Allowance Academy 15/15/15



Our most basic program for teaching kids the basics of money management, 15/15/15 is composed of 15 daily tips that will take an average of 15 minutes to complete. All for the sweet price of $15!

Activities include:

  • Setting Goals – because every kid loves to set goals, right?
  • Credit v Debit Cards – how to use, and not ABUSE, plastic
  • Goal Charts – kids are visual, make their goals look cool!
  • Grocery Store v Restaurant – how much does it cost to have someone else prepare your food?
  • Choosing a Checking Account – even teens have options.
  • Principles of Interest – turning coffee drinks into early retirement

There’s a lot of material here in the archives at the Allowance Academy – this course gets you started on a logical path, starting with some easy topics, and moving on to some more advanced ideas.  You can complete this in 15 days, or you can go in-depth and do one or two exercises per week, as your schedule allows.  You’ll find some downloadables, a few videos, and even some exercises to get you and your kid out “in the real world” experiencing some financial education goodness.

This course is self-study and delivered via email.  Of course, you have a community supporting you along the way – if you have any questions, just leave a note in the comment question for the exercise you’re on and you’ll get help from the Allowance Academy crew, and other members as well.

This is $15 that can start you and your kid on a financial path that’s going to yield awesome rewards in the future.  What are you waiting for?

15/15/15 Challenge
15/15/15 Challenge
Start teaching your older children about money with 15/15/15. Fifteen money management activities to work on with your kids in fifteen minutes a day for $15.